Downton Abbey The Movie: They’re ACTING!

Now we’re really digging into it, or as much as we can remember after watching the movie over a week ago…. Daisy and Andy are engaged and it’s a liiiiittle problematic. But besides that there’s Violet’s attempts to interfere with someone else’s inheritance, Tom and Thomas each get a chance at love, Mary becoming the lady detective, and many downstairs shenanigans. Plus, we are assessing whether Allen Leech could be Bond after Tom’s heroic actions, because why not?

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Downton Abbey The Movie: We Have Drones Now!

The Downton Abbey movie has finally arrived and after so much discussion of our plans, we have finally seen it! We’re back to bask in the glow of the movie-going experience and give our overall impressions of the movie! Stay tuned for more movie talk coming soon and let us know your movie thoughts on Twitter @ringforteapod!


6.09 (Part 1) The Almost Last Episode

It’s the series finale and they are packing A LOT into this one. We are splitting our recap up into two parts, pre-Christmas and post-Christmas (because there always has to be an event at Christmas time…). Just when Edith settles into the idea of being a London spinster, Mary gets to scheming and sets up a dinner with Bertie that just may change everything. After an entire episode about Mary being uncomfortable with Henry’s racing, he decides to give it up anyway. But that means he’s now trying to find something to do to fill his time…. Isobel gets some news about Lord Merton’s health and his son and daughter in law are up to no good as usual. Thomas finds a new job and is saying his goodbyes, Carson is losing his touch, and Downton tries to introduce a new romance in THE LAST EPISODE. One more to go until movie time!

6.08 We Shall Be Married in the Morning!

Allison’s voice is a little husky but we’re back and chatting the SECOND TO LAST episode of Downton! Edith is still debating whether or not to tell Bertie about Marigold, but loses her opportunity when Mary decides everyone needs to be miserable with her. Everyone finds Mrs. Patmore’s B&B misfortunes hilarious, so the Crawleys try to give her some positive publicity. Molesley is trying his hand at molding young minds.

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6.07 A Fool Who Knows Nothing

The Crawleys are off to the races!  However, the outing ends in disaster, challenging Mary and Henry’s relationship.  An exciting opportunity presents itself to Molesley, while Thomas continues to struggle to find his place at the Abbey.  Tom and a new four legged addition to Downton both manage to pad this episode with joy.  We only have two more episodes left until the (long) countdown to the movie!

6.06 The Downton Open House

We’re still making plans for the movie while an open house at Downton reveals that no one actually knows anything about it. Downsizing efforts mean Thomas is out of a job, and Violet is replaced by Cora as president of the hospital (it doesn’t go over well). Daisy is back to acting like a child. Carson has some particular standards for domestic life, and it feels like a Mrs. Hughes scolding is coming. Mary and Henry continue their romance dance, but at least HE can admit he likes her (and maybe a little bit more)! Only a few more episodes to go!

6.05 The One Where That Thing Happens

You all know what we’re talking about right? After it is brought up every single episode for as long as we can remember, Robert’s stomach ulcer gets A LOT worse in VERY dramatic fashion. It interrupts the ongoing hospital nonsense which, like our involvement with Denker and Spratt, seems to still not be over. We finally learn something about Andy after he has been around for so long, with Thomas finally finding a way to befriend him. Carson has certain expectations for Mrs. Hughes’ role in their home life… it’s not off to a great start. All of Baxter’s anxiety about testifying turns out to be fore nothing except it does provide us with some Molesley comedy. Plus, we continue the Downton Rom Com!

6.04 Branson’s Back

A lighter, more joyful Branson is back at Downton, and back for good it seems! Thomas is acting butler while the Carsons are away on honeymoon – yikes! Former housemaid Gwen returns to the house in a fancier capacity. Baby Bates is saved by an emergency trip to London; and bear with us, guys, we are STILL talking about the hospital….


6.03 Downton as a Rom Com

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are getting married and it’s just as sweet as you imagined!  Mary gets steamrolled by Cora in her attempts to dictate the wedding, and we didn’t mind one bit.  Meanwhile, Edith has an independent romantic comedy in the course of the episode – WE. ARE. IN. LOVE.  We’re rejoicing that Edith has a plot line that doesn’t involve Marigold for a hot second.  Thomas continues to job hunt and we’re getting to know that it’s a sad world outside of Downton’s walls.  Plus, a surprise return to the Crawley family!