5.09 Everyone in the Downton Movie Will Be a Ghost

We have reached another Downton Christmas special, which means we needed some extra time to unpack everything that was going on. Prepare yourself for a lot of speculation about the upcoming movie (lots of ghosts are involved)! We’re still dealing with the ongoing Mr. Green murder saga, and Molesley is the new detective in town (with sidekick Baxter). The Princess Kuragin is… unpleasant at best, while the Prince cleans up pretty nicely. Branson is saying his goodbyes to Downton, try not to cry about it. Edith is basically letting everyone know that Marigold is her daughter. Both of the Crawley girls get some new love interests while Allison has a Matthew Goode-induced meltdown. Stowell shows no respect for the Crawleys, who suddenly have a motto of “Crawleys Stick Together.” Carson and Mrs. Hughes play House Hunters and not only end up with a house, but an engagement! Find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

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