Downton Abbey The Movie: We Have Drones Now!

The Downton Abbey movie has finally arrived and after so much discussion of our plans, we have finally seen it! We’re back to bask in the glow of the movie-going experience and give our overall impressions of the movie! Stay tuned for more movie talk coming soon and let us know your movie thoughts on Twitter @ringforteapod!


6.08 We Shall Be Married in the Morning!

Allison’s voice is a little husky but we’re back and chatting the SECOND TO LAST episode of Downton! Edith is still debating whether or not to tell Bertie about Marigold, but loses her opportunity when Mary decides everyone needs to be miserable with her. Everyone finds Mrs. Patmore’s B&B misfortunes hilarious, so the Crawleys try to give her some positive publicity. Molesley is trying his hand at molding young minds.

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6.02 The Second Episode with Pig Stuff

Not a lot going on in this one, folks, so forgive us our tangents…. We’re talking about pigs, child acting, a sudden personality change in Mrs. Drewe, and Anna’s infertility. The hospital stuff slogs on and Thomas is looking for a new job without much luck. Sadly, the most interesting thing to happen in this episode is the debate over the location for the wedding reception – Mary just won’t butt out! Find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!


6.01 Spin(off) City

It’s the final season – let movie prep begin!  Mary’s weekend in sin comes back to haunt her in the form of a REAL pushy lady.  Edith considers a move to London, and we’re all for her new adventures (and spinoff!).  The Mr. Green case is finally closed which calls for a case of Veuve Clicquot.   And finally, in tech updates, refrigeration and carbonated water come to the Abbey – huzzah! Find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

5.09 Everyone in the Downton Movie Will Be a Ghost

We have reached another Downton Christmas special, which means we needed some extra time to unpack everything that was going on. Prepare yourself for a lot of speculation about the upcoming movie (lots of ghosts are involved)! We’re still dealing with the ongoing Mr. Green murder saga, and Molesley is the new detective in town (with sidekick Baxter). The Princess Kuragin is… unpleasant at best, while the Prince cleans up pretty nicely. Branson is saying his goodbyes to Downton, try not to cry about it. Edith is basically letting everyone know that Marigold is her daughter. Both of the Crawley girls get some new love interests while Allison has a Matthew Goode-induced meltdown. Stowell shows no respect for the Crawleys, who suddenly have a motto of “Crawleys Stick Together.” Carson and Mrs. Hughes play House Hunters and not only end up with a house, but an engagement! Find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

5.08 Anna Bates, Lady Criminal

The gang goes to London for Rose and Atticus’ nuptials! Lady Flintshire spends the whole episode being a “Pouty Patty” and a terrible mother. Daisy is enlightened when she visits a museum with Molesley and Baxter, and Edith continues to have NO CHILL about Marigold. And we can’t. even. talk. about the Bates’ complicated relationship with the legal system. Plus, we chat 1920s camera technology and Plato’s cave! Have any Tiny Letters? Tweet at us @ringforteapod!

5.03 Allison Fell Asleep Watching This Episode

Cora is looking for something to do outside of Downton, and is maybe finding it with Mr. Bricker? Baxter finally reveals the motivation behind her thievery and we’re still digging her relationship with Molesley (duh). Mary and Tony are being all sorts of dumb thinking they would get away with their “secret” vacation, but turns out they didn’t! Then it seems like she’s not all that interested in marrying him after all. There’s some really underwhelming evidence in the case of the Mysterious Death of Green, and Bates might be suspected for murder once again (ugh). Edith is straight up going to steal her baby from the family she forced to adopt her, yet doesn’t think she is being SUPER obvious. Plus, Daisy is going to be a mathlete! Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

5.02 Be My Wife

In this edition of The Crawley Girls Make Up Bad Plans for Their Personal Lives: there is yet another plan for Edith to legitimize spending time with her daughter, and Mary pretends to go on a sketching trip with a female friend who never existed until now. Molesley has a hard time coping with the knowledge of Baxter’s past, Daisy has a controversial new tutor, and Rose is determined to get a radio for Downton. Rate and subscribe now, and follow/tweet at us @ringforteapod!

5.01 The Times They Are A-Changin’

We have successfully recovered from surprise Giamatti and are back to talk about the changes afoot at Downton! Edith’s plan to keep Marigold around predictably is not going well, Sarah Bunting is the new Drunk Branson, and Jimmy’s former employer shows up to create some trouble.  Molesley’s hair looks a bit different and Baxter comes clean to Cora about her past. Oh yeah and Edith starts a fire in the house! Plus, Allison has a BIG problem with Thomas. Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

4.09 Giamatti!!

It’s Downton in London this week! Rose is presented into high society, the Levinsons come to stay, and the Crawleys audition for Ocean’s Eleven. Oh yeah, and Edith has a not-so-sneaky plan for the baby she had during the eight-month time jump. Join us as we say an actual final goodbye to Alfred. Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!