4.08 All the Boys Love Mary

Oh hey, it’s another annual event hosted at Downton that we have never seen! As the family prepares for the bazaar, Edith comes up with a poorly planned solution to adopt out her baby to an unwitting family. Baxter and Molesley began a lovely friendship, and Alfred comes back to stir things up downstairs… again. Mary continues to be courted by similar-looking men, but we’re trying to write Blake’s backstory and figure out baby George’s age. Bates goes on a day trip and then Green turns up dead, which no one believes is a coincidence. Plus, Rose’s relationship with Jack Ross goes to the next level, then abruptly doesn’t. Find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

4.07 We’re Going to America… But Not

Robert is asked to come to his brother-in-law’s defense in America but who will cross the waters to be his valet?  Not-so- spoiler-alert, it gets sorted out in the first three minutes and it’s Thomas, the end.  Back at home in Downton, Charles Blake and Mary have a Hallmark moment, Alfred returns (so soon!) to stir the love rhombus pot and Edith takes a very awful trip to London. Oh Edith! Join us for this very brief chat about episode 7, and as always, find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

4.05 A “Hurrican” is Coming

Bates and Anna reconcile, but Bates is going to be a scary dude when it comes to Mr. Green. Baxter is the new lady’s maid in town, and we’re not quite sure what to think – is she in Thomas’ pocket, or is she just mending pockets? Isobel tries to help young Pegg, and we’re thankful since it led to a never-ending Maggie Smith chuckle. Our episode gets wrapped up with an Allison rant about Christmas movies – it’s contagious! As may be our new tradition, check the time stamps! Rate and subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!


00:00 – 37:13 Actual Downton stuff (with a little Maisel)

37:14 – 58:44 Allison Loves Lifetime Christmas Movies

58:45 – 70:45 Tiny Letter Time with Christina


4.04 Christina is VERY Passionate About Christmas Movies

Some things happen at Downton in this episode, but mainly we’re talking about Christina’s trip to Disney World and the must-see (or don’t see) Christmas movies of the year. Thomas says a few choice words to Edna that we’ve been saying for weeks.  Tony Gillingham lays out ALL his cards (guys, can we put an end to premature proposals?). And Isobel gracefully tries to cope with life after Matthew.  If you’re here just for Downton stuff (as in, what this pod is supposed to be about), check the time stamps below! As always, please send us Tiny Letters on Twitter @ringforteapod or email ringforteapod@gmail.com! We’ll actually check them this time!

00:00 – 07:45 Disney World Talk (abridged)

07:46 – 12:05 Christmas Movie Talk Part 1

12:06 – 47:49 Actual Downton Talk

47:50 – 64:32 Christmas Movie Talk Part 2


4.03 Party Down(ton)

Downton is throwing a weekend party, where fancy folks come to wear tiaras, eat dinner, drink tea, listen to a famous opera singer, flirt with the Crawley girls, cheat at poker, and bring along sleazy servants. Branson has a difficult time socializing with the fancy folk while Mary gets some business advice (and romantic interest?) from some dude named Gillingham. Edna continues to be an entitled and annoying human, Moseley takes a demotion to temporarily return to the house, and our beloved Anna gets assaulted by Mr. Green.

MOST IMPORTANTLY it is Netflix and Hallmark Christmas movie time, everybody, get ready for some wandering conversations for the next few weeks (not your style? We’ll post time stamps). Next up: The Holiday Calendar.

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4.02 A Surprise (Maybe Legal) Will!

A box arrives from Matthew’s office with a final word for Mary and Robert is all like but-let’s-not-bother-her-with-it.  Bates puts his prison skills to use to change Molesley’s fate and reward us with some classic Molesley mugging.  Rose is (no surprise) bored at Downton and drags Anna to a village dance.  Daisy is starting to be someone we actually like and Gregson is coming to dinner next week! As always, you can find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

3.09 Having a Baby on Downton Comes with a Price

Well, this season ends… unexpectedly. We are bidding goodbye to Matthew, but not before Allison threatens to cancel the podcast.  The Crawleys are vacationing in Scotland – while they enjoy bagpipes, hunting, and dancing, Tom is left behind at Downton to be manipulated by a new maid named Edna. Other things happen, but do any of them really matter after that ending?! Ring for Tea will be back in a couple weeks for Season 4, in the meantime find us on Twitter @ringforteapod!

3.07 Downton is Telling Jokes and Christina Writes a Synopsis

Bates is back at Downton and ready to put Thomas out of a job. Speaking of Thomas, he gets conned by O’Brien, then all of a sudden he’s a real creep? The silly downstairs love pentagon continues, and Violet is making sure Ethel can’t tarnish the family reputation. Robert continues to act like a small spoiled child when Edith takes a job as a journalist, Matthew tries to make plans for the future of Downton, and Baby Sybil’s christening approaches. Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!


3.06 Salmon Mousse and Charlotte Russe

The family continues to mourn Sybil’s death, but apparently Downton can’t exist without a living Sybil…. DRAMA ensues around the baby’s name and religion, plus the Crawley women dared to have a meal prepared by a former lady of the night. We have the obligatory Bates update and Daisy considers life outside of the kitchen. Most importantly, Christina and Allison debate whether or not they have use of their limbs to be able to make a salmon mousse. Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!



3.05 Dr. Clarkson Was Actually Right This Time?!

Sybil has fat ankles and a raging headache, doctors are fighting, then all of a sudden *six year old SPOILER ALERT* a beloved character is gone. Does anything else important happen in this episode? Not really. Here’s hoping next week’s soap opera is a little more… light-hearted?  Rate and subscribe now, and follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!